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Parrot World animal park

A unique immersion in another country

Treat yourself to a captivating experience with exotic birds from the other side of the globe. This animal park in Seine-et-Marne promotes the conservation of parrots and offers educational shows. Discover an immersive atmosphere, promoting awareness of the conservation of these fascinating species in an exceptional natural setting.

Conservation and education

The Parrot World animal park in Crécy-la-Chapelle has been committed to conservation for several years. It focuses on the conservation of exotic parrots, particularly those from South America.

The park aims to raise public awareness of the challenges faced by these species in the wild. Through breeding and care programmes, Parrot World actively contributes to the preservation of biodiversity.

Visitors at the heart of the park's issues

Take part in the team's educational approach by visiting the park. Activities include
  • Shows featuring the skills of parrots
  • Interactive sessions to help you understand these animals
  • Guided tours
  • Educational play areas for the little ones
  • Special opportunities to observe the parrots...
Each activity highlights the intelligence and natural behaviour of parrots. So you'll love them even more after your visit!

Book a hotel near the Villepinte Exhibition Centre

Welcome to the Cottages de France in Saint-Mard, an oasis of comfort close to Parrot World.

After an exciting day among the exotic parrots, choose to relax and unwind. The 64 rooms welcome you with top-of-the-range bedding, tasteful decor and all the facilities you need.

Discover the rooms and suites

Every Sunday, a sweet and savoury brunch is organised for hotel guests from 11am to 3pm. Share this moment with family, friends or your significant other!

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